Take a look into the future of the iPad and iPhone with iOS 4.3 update

13 January 2011

Bitterwallet - Bitterwallet on the iPad

We are legally obliged to treat each morsel of Apple news with utmost respect and reverence because, it is a scientific fact that every single thing they do is the embodiment of perfection.

And so, here we look at the most important news story of 2011 - the release of the beta version of iOS 4.3.

This release gives us all the chance to see the shimmering, glittering future that's in store for us all as iPads and iPhones slowly erode our will to interact with anything that doesn't have an Apple logo on it.

The new features in iOS 4.3 include increased AirPlay support, which allows apps and websites to send video from an iPhone or an iPad to an Apple TV, which will of course, revolutionise the way we live our lives. This writer's eyesocket is melting at the thought of the vast amount of opportunities it has.

There's support for a ‘personal hotspot’ which will allow iPhones to create a wifi hotspot that other devices can use, which means you can be a Pied Piper of streamable porn for everyone sat around you, breathlessly thankful that you're alive and carrying Apple products.

Apple have also been gracious enough to add an option that lets us mere mortals choose the function of the switch on the side of the iPad, according to the Telegraph.

Rumours abound about something called ‘Find My Friends’, which looks like Apple will be taking the idea of Foursquare and making it a million times better (because everything Apple do is the best) and it is likely that the next iPad will have a camera, so we can take the most amazing pictures, ever.

There's also talk about Apple doing away with the 'home' button altogether, leaving us to eventually navigate with the power of our sense of self-satisfaction.

God bless us, every stinking one of us.

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  • h-dog
    Great so now my iphone 3G will be even slower. God Bless Apple
  • icup
    h-dog, from this update the iphone 3G will no longer be updated!
  • Ascylto
  • Spark
    I have a 3GS but like fuck am I updating it to this.
  • Jonny S.
    Where is the sarcasm like usual?
  • famdango
    am i the only person left who would rather be indefinately strapped to a bed and fed via drip and chew my own face off than own an apple product?
  • D
    Have they figured out how bluetooth works yet?
  • Mr J.
    Nice one guys. Your black turtle neck sweater is in the post. BWA HA HA HA!!!!!!
  • Bah

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