T-Mobile likely to rival Vodafone as Nexus One carrier

3 February 2010

Bitterwallet -competition! Win a Google Nexus One Vodafone have already confirmed they’ll be carrying Google’s Nexus One smartphone in the UK, but it looks as though T-Mobile will be getting a piece of the Google pie as well – if the indiscreet tweetings of their head of corporate affairs are to be believed.

Robin O’Kelly is the man who can’t keep a secret and yesterday he blabbed “T-mobile in talks to range Nexus one also. Happy landing” to anyone who would listen. He later added: “We're talking to Google re nexus and hope we can come up with something very soon. Will let you know as soon as.”

So it looks as though Google won’t be following the iPhone route of using just one preferred carrier at launch and customers will probably have at least two choices of network when the Nexus One launches at some point later in the year.



  • The B.
    Wow, why on earth would anyone want a "superphone" on a shit network? How iwlll their advertising work? "This is how fast your 3G would download if you could get reception"?
  • charitynjw
    Another BW competition, perchance?
  • charitynjw
    After all, you do owe me....................
  • Kyle O.
    Mines been running on my T-Mobile sim fine for the past 3 weeks. HSDPA in most places too

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