Super slim PS3 imminent

19 September 2012

Sony has announced that there'll be a super-slim PS3 complete with a new top-loading disc drive. Obviously it will be lighter and smaller, but the better news is that it'll have a larger onboard storage capacity and won't be more expensive for it.


The 250GB kit comes in black and white and the 500GB comes only in black, with both coming with DualShock 3 controller, power cord, A/V cable and a USB cable. They'll hit the shelves in October and will set you back around £215.

There's a 250GB bundle too, which will come with some golf game too which is going to cost around £230.


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  • whatever
    Try writing this "article" again without all the errors.
  • Natty
    £15 for a golf game is £14.99 too much.
  • oliverreed
  • bob t.
    Mmm plasticky sliding disk cover - craptastic !
  • Spencer
    see.... what they should have done is added another usb port, changed the colour of the power on light... and called it the ps3-S. then the Sony fans would have been desperate for it. they'd have shifted millions.... no, wait, hang on....
  • JJ
    @Spencer no, wait, hang on…. You're just an idiot jumping on the anti-Apple bandwagon.
  • Natty
    @JJ Here at BW we love Apple only its the kind of love you would be getting in the showers at HM Wakefield.
  • Spencer
    I didn't even mention apple... but now you mention it.... I can see why you'd draw that conclusion. personally I love apple and it's products.

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