Street-eye view of broadband speed

SpeedometerAs everyone relies more on the speed of their broadband, mainly for downloading tunes, looking at filth and yelling at the latest glitch in Facebook, it's odd that there are still big variations between broadband speeds. In some cases, on the same street.

Or that's what a new broadband speed test has told us.

This test has been launched by comparison site Top 10 Broadband, and they've allowed users to have a look at their postcode area to see what speed their neighbours internet runs at (as well as your own obviously).

The marketing bloke, Alex Buttle, at Top 10 Broadband told the Beeb:

"One person at 1Mbps could be next door to someone receiving 8.5Mbps. We know that broadband speed will vary depending on things like distance from the exchange and the way the wiring and equipment in your house is set up but we do not believe this explains all of the variations we have seen between people in the same street."

"We think some of this may be due to outdated technology some providers use in their local exchanges, as well as the fact that some providers use traffic shaping or throttling at peak times while others do not," he added.

The service, which has been dubbed StreetStats, collects speed test data from users to build an interactive map and over 170,000 speed test results have been added, with a hope that two million will be logged by the close of 2009.



  • Alex W.
    "Due to overwhelming demand, we have had to pause our new StreetStats and speed test tools for the time being. We are working flat out to get the service live again despite the demand, so please check back later!" {insert FAIL like meme here}
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Might be interesting if it worked.... "SORRY! Due to overwhelming demand, we have had to pause our new StreetStats and speed test tools for the time being. We are working flat out to get everything working again, so please check back later!" Been like that all day.
    Says the max my line can support is "Up to 6Mb" when I already get 18-19MB?, Not very accurate!
  • Karoo v.
    meh, this site tells me that there are 26 packages available to me after putting in my postcode & landline phone number. I'm actually only allowed to use Kingston Communication (or KingCom Or Karoo or whatever they decide to call themselves this year), ironically none of the packages offered where from Kingston Comm. I only find out that none of the packages are available after clicking their links & repeating the whole whole phone number postcode input. have probably already collected their click-thru commission by then so imo, the sites just a scam.
  • ....
  • Hacks U.
    Oh my god, I hope you clowns don't actually make any money from Bitterwallet, cos its the biggest load of tosh on the net - and I curse myself every time I stupidly click through from the brilliant HotUKDeals Any apparently three of you (or more) write it! I'm clearly in the wrong job
  • iCock
    Yeah - total dog shite. Says the max I can get is 4Mb (bits, not bytes), when I actually get 20Mb (2.5 MB / second) from a server that dishes out at that speed. I know, cos I do it ;)
  • Brian
    “Due to overwhelming demand, we have had to pause our new StreetStats and speed test tools for the time being." Hi, my name is Brian. My mother only allows me a dial-up connection (PAYG). So it's good to know all the show-off wankers with 1Mbps+ "superhighway"connections are experiencing the same problems with the site (shit)
  • The B.
    DAMC, where do you live to get 18-19MBps? Or have you got a pipe? Is the 150Mbps on burst or straight out? I only ask as our work connection is only 80mbps with a 30Mbps burst but we're just moving offices and are using Colt with a BT failover but it sounds like you've got a much better deal. How much does it cost per month and which provider?
  • David
    It's bust....
  • Lee
    Why have you just referred us to a comparethemarket type place? No thanks.
    Isn't that the speedo off a Mark 3 Astra? WTF?
  • stu
    This is great, type in your postcode and phone number and press search and their site brings up someone elses details in the results page! So i can view what street somweone lives on and their home phone number... Not ideal really.
  • Dodgy
    Doesn't list my 50mb VirginMedia BB

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