Streaming bug messes up Sky Go and BBC iPlayer resulting in outage

18 April 2014

sky Have you been having a spot of bother with Sky Go and BBC's iPlayer? Don't worry, you're not alone.

There's been mass outages thanks to a bug, which is now being investigated by the BBC and Sky.

The error seems to only affect Apple iOS users of the apps, with users saying that they've seen messages about Client Server Certificate issues and the like.

Sky said: "We are currently experiencing an issue with Sky Go on iPhone, iPad and iPod. You will see a 'Video Unavailable' error message while trying to watch any content. We're really sorry about the issue and we're working very hard to get it fixed for you. Thank you for your patience and understanding."

BBC also acknowledged an issue: "We are aware of reports from users encountering an 'Insufficient Bandwidth' error message when attempting to play programmes through the iPad app."

In short, it should all be fixed soon enough.

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  • Clunge
    Yeah, Sky have fixed it by making original iPad 1s obsolete. Rather annoying as I bought my parents one for the sole reason of using sky go, as they told me an ipad 1 was compatible. Bastards.
  • Suzanne T.
    BBCiplayer supposed to be fixed now, but I cannot access the radio.
  • Barbara O.
    BBC iplayer not working for me. I just get a white screen on old iplayer and black screen on new iplayer.
  • Raggedy
    What? No comments about users never using the service again? No wailing and gnashing of teeth like it's the end of the world? Something's wrong here...

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