Stream your tunes without your phone

24 February 2016

Irritated by having to take your phone with you when you go for a run, or go for a sweat down the gym? Well, some people think they've got just the solution.

It is a dongle called Mighty, and it is a thing that is wireless, and doesn't need your phone or apps to work. Kinda. It'll play your Spotify playlists, and you can leave your handset at home.

It looks like this.


Mighty combines offline buffering of 48-hours worth of music with a little device that is considerably smaller than a phone. Of course, if you have a little MP3 player, this'll useless to you, but if not, you might be into it. We don't care. We're not getting any commission from this.

You'll need Spotify Premium for it to work, and it'll need to get the greenlight from its Kickstarter before you get your hands on one.

If you pledge $70, you'll get one of these dongle-thingummies first, or, if you pledge $10, one of the people behind the gadget will do a dance for you on the internet. We're not kidding.

Check it all out here.

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