Stop snoring with a... neck implant

21 May 2014

snore If, by night, your bedroom sounds like a farmyard full of truffling pigs, relief is on its way for the millions of people annoyed by their snoring partners.

The device is called Remede, a matchbox sized thing that’s surgically implanted in the skin under the neck (yikes). A wire is threaded into the phrenic nerve (OWW!) which starts in the neck and goes down to the lungs and heart.

When installed, the device sends a message –we presume electrical – to the diaphragm, reminding it to contract and regulating breathing so you don’t sound like a phelgmy hippo trying to sing Nessun Norma.

It all sounds pretty drastic, but that’s because it’s aimed at people who suffer from sleep apnoea, which can stop breathing altogether and be potentially fatal. Results of tests of Remede in the US have shown that it works better than the sleep masks usually handed out to patients.

However, if you’re just a common or garden snorer, it might be easier to bypass an implant and stick with the traditional knee in the groin/suffocated with a pillow remedy.

Either that, or sleep in the shed.

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