Stolen iPhone grasses on the burglar who made off with it

24 March 2011

iphone 4iPhones are excellent for thieves. They're portable and fit in your pocket nicely and, thanks to everyone wanting one, you can always flog 'em down the pub. However, as one chap shows, they're traceable and it is the iPhone that is willing to tell you where it is, almost like it is crying for its owner like a weird sentient robot.

James Bird's phone got swiped from a pub table (our hero got in touch to correct us - it was in fact stolen from a computer cluster at University) while his back was turned (the dummy). However, he switched on the iPhone 4’s tracking device using a chum's mobile which led him to the thief half a mile away. A thief who, presumably, wasn't hard enough to spark out the student and leg it all over again.

The Manchester University student said: "I realised I could use the Find My iPhone application. It uses GPS and when I saw it was still close by, I set off running because I knew I had a chance of getting it back. One of my mates watched it on a map on his phone and shouted ­directions over another friend’s phone. We saw a man ahead and ended up running after him for about half a mile until he jumped on a bus.”

James, probably concerned that some scallywag was looking at those saucy self-shot photos of his genitals he was intending to send a girl he fancies from the student union, managed to catch up with the thief, and along with the bus driver, managed to get it back.

Now the police have arrested and charged the tea leaf in connection with the incident.

James added, sounding awfully like someone on commission: “Without the app, I wouldn’t have got it back that quickly and I would have been pretty lost without it.”

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  • PokeHerPete
    So did the guy leave his phone on the table while he went to the toilet like the mug in that stupid advert did? If so what a fucking idiot. What would be funny though would to fill a iPhone with explosives so it detonated when its stolen. Not enough explosives to kill, but just enough to severely disfigure the thief.
  • Tweedskin
    @PokeHerPete I have an app for that.....
  • Dick
    Why do iphone users feel the need to put their phone on the table, whether it is a cafe, pub or computer cluster? Is it to show off, or because they are too big to have in your pocket and sit down comfortably, or both? More importanly, which brand(s) were the two phones that helped save the iphone?
  • Mike U.
    Another Dickhead Student
  • Moby d.
    In the case of a computer cluster everyone puts their phone on the table. It makes it easier to answer as you don't have to fumble around in your pocket while sat down. Or if you've just used it why mess around getting it back in a pocket when the desk is right there between your head and your pocket (assuming you sit at a desk like any normal person, with your legs under it)

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