Steve Jobs vowed to 'destroy' Android with his dying breath

21 October 2011

apple v googleSteve Jobs, shock horror, wasn't the lovely bloke that many assumed he was. He was a big-cheese at a giganto company. It really goes without saying doesn't it?

Anyway, apparently, Saint Jobs said he wanted to destroy Android and was willing to spend all of Apple's money and his dying breath to do so, if that's what it took.

Jobs told author Walter Isaacson that he viewed Android's similarity to iOS as "grand theft" in an authorised biography.

According to extracts of Isaacson's book, Jobs said: "I'm going to destroy Android, because it's a stolen product. I'm willing to go thermonuclear war on this."

He added: "I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple's $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong."

Of course, it wasn't always like this. Apple and Google were pretty good chums before the launch of the Android system. Google's chief executive, Eric Schmidt, was once on the board of Apple. However, that all went west when Google unveiled Android in November 2007.

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  • Phil
    Right... So if Android is stealing from iOS I guess that means iOS stole from Symbian? Also didn't the first MAC steal the GUI/mouse idea from Xerox? In which case you gotta wonder what he was smoking?
  • Idi A.
    @Phil Close, but no cigar. The GUI was developed at XeroxPARC but it was just an idea. Nobody had thought what it could do so hadn't patented it. Apple took the idea and ran with it. Same goes for the laser printer. Just an idea at XeroxPARC, but not developed because they estimated to global market for it as "four". It was then brought to market by HP.
  • Alexis
    I think the issue is that Schmidt was on the board when Apple was developing the first iPhone and he legged it to make a facsimile. Jobs seems to have issues with Google going beyond search. Maybe Schmidt reassured him Google weren't going to tread on his toes when the worked alongside. But then why did Jobs keep Google search and maps as the iPhone default?
  • The B.
    It's all an elaborate plan by Jobs, he dies, he's comes back as a zombie and infects Android users so that they become part of the legion of thoughtless automatons known as Mac users.
  • Yue
    Jobs' epic fail then. I'm sure Apple has it's merits but my Android phone has worked flawlessly whereas friends often bemoan Apple issues. Maybe he should have spent the money and dying breath on fixing issues?
  • Jeebus
    Well that didn't go well did it. In fact, Android overtaking IOS and soaring into the distance didn't help him, I'm sure. It's probably best not to make those kind of vows if you've got cancer.
  • Owen
    Anyone else hear Steve ballmer's I'm going to [email protected]&$#%g kill google
  • The S.
    @Idi Amin Just because Xerox hadnt patented thr interface doesn't make Jobs' actiobs any less egregious. He took someobe elses idea and presentrd and marketed it as Apples (incredibly well i grant you). I am frankly tired if people claiming Apple invented stuff like the GUI, the mp3 player and tablet PCs. They didnt, its historical fact, and is more than a little hypocritical for them to act the way they are at tbr moment.
  • Jeebus
    In fact even the Nano was Samsung's idea, they pitched it to Apple to sell more memory chips to them. Beyond some software, Apple have invented nothing (although they do do nice design) and the fact that they can't manufacture their own products or produce them without using the components of their rivals says much about the 'Genius' of Apple.
  • stating o.
    "Android overtaking IOS and soaring into the distance didn’t help him, I’m sure." OBVIOUSLY, a platform that is free for any dick, clunge, and cunt to put in any brick running any shitty screen resolution for any shitting cheap ass price will take over a fucking expensive phone. look at ford, they sell fuck loads of cheap cars, and more than aston martin. oh my fucking god ford make the best cars in the world eva!
  • Jeebus
    Funny how IOS has now started stealing Android ideas like the pull down screen. One of the pluses about Android is that it is an open platform you, take the rough with the smooth. Whereas Apple is a completely closed shop. And even then it still fucks up. Namely Siri and the security flaws. The analogy of comparing Aston Martin and Ford to Apple IOS and Android is completely retarded. Aston Martin and Ford aim for completely different markets. Apple and Google are competitors . Also Aston Martin can make their cars without any help from Ford and vice-versa. Apple can't even produce their own physical products, they rely on the innovation of other firms (especially Samsung - producing the A5 chips in the Iphone 4S, LG screens in Ipads) to improve their own devices. In general if you like drinking kool-aid and being told what to do, what you should like and you're afraid of independent thought then Apple are the firm of choice (unless you jailbreak of course but that's just being naughty!).
  • Lemax
    I never get the argument that about the closed nature of the ecosystem compared to Android - there isn't anything that I can't do on my Iphone than my Mrs can do on her Galaxy. Difference is, I don't have to wade through pages and pages of crap to find what I want. The Aston Martin/ Ford comparison isa little of. Perhaps Ford and BMW would be a better analogy.
  • Will
    FFS, it's just a phone. It's a matter of personal taste. Personally, I don't want to mess about with my phone. I want to take it out the box, and for it to work. All the time. I don't care about customisation, openness, and rubbish like that. It's a phone. iOS has a massive selection of apps, a good majority of which that are well built and useful (and again, just work). This isn't a laptop we are talking about here. It's a phone. Yes, I want my laptop to be as open and customisable as possible because I spend lots of time on it and customising it can save me time by tailoring it to my specific usage patterns. But a phone? I literally want it to be as fast, simple and bug-free as possible. Who really uses their phone for more than calls/text/email/browsing/GPS/music/angry birds? So yes, I bum iOS, but not macs.
  • LD
    Steve who?
  • GJ
  • Noghar
    @Lemax - you can do anything you like on your iPhone as long as it fits in with what Apple wants you to do on your iPhone. When I had an iPhone, a few years back, I had to jailbreak it to get reminders and email headers on my lockscreen. I could also change the icons, background etc to something that pleased me and suited the way I work rather than be stuck with what Apple had decided was the right appearance and the best way for me to work. With an Android phone I can set it up any way I want and I don't have to conform to Cupertino style guidelines. Interesting that Apple's latest iOS has suddenly discovered the joys of lockscreen alerts and reminders (and voice control). Maybe that's why Jobs was so ventilated about Google - he didn't want them overtaking Apple in terms of user-friendliness and usability. Which is just what they have done and are doing.
  • monju
    Jobs ' idea of spending corporate resources to put down android is like a diesel engine manufacture suing a gasoline manufacture based on the idea on the idea of internal combustion. Today, gas & diesel coexist for specific application and purpose.
  • oliverreed
    @monju - coexist, scary idea, you'd better climb back off that ledge
  • Tim
    @Lemax - the difference is that only Apple say what apps are allowed to do the job, who can develop them, how they work, prevent apps from doing things that offends their style, and if they provide some apps or functionality themselves then no one else is allowed to provide anything similar. They also take a large cut from app providers, especially any that make in-app profits from their apps. As an app developer for iOS the only hope you have for income is to believe in the blind faith and worship of the owners to hand over enough money to cover the high costs and restrictions Apple place on you.
  • My o.
    All you devote iphone users need to get off the retard band wagon and open your eyes. More than 80% of you dont know what all the iphone can do. The other 20% thats does know what it can do leave apple and iphone and buy a good android phone. More than half of apple's followers are getting iphones for one reason so they can say they have an iphone. I suppose if you dont like being able to customize your phone than the iphone is perfect for you. How ever if you like the freedom to customize your phone that you paid 300 dollars for than an android phone is for you. I have had both and the iphone has poor customer service. Their repair options are go to a apple store have 700 dollar hold on a credit card and 29 dollar charge or go without a phone for 5-7 days, what great options. However with my android phone if i have a problem verizon can replace my phone within 2-3 days for free no hold no charge or if it is reasonable they can upgrade my phone as has happened in the past. As for the itunes store vs. android market the android market has 200,000 + apps. and songs and the itunes store has maybe 120,000 apps and songs. So in conclusion the iphone has a more limited selection for the apps. and songs from the itunes store and has very poor replacement options. Now onto the android phones the android market is bigger and has better selections and the replacement options are far better. To top it all off the iphone is limited to select carriers verizon att sprint. So in all once you open your eyes and do some research the iphone is bought mainly for the right to say "i have an iphone". However if your more interested in functionality the android is a far better system to be using.
  • My o.
    @stating the fucking obvious If you did any research what so "eva" you would also know that the best phone on the market in every way is an ANDROID phone. At this time according to multiple locations and overall tech specs.The best phone to date is the Galaxy nexus an android phone. What a surprise the last time apple had the best phone on the market was back in 2007 when there was no other smart phones out there. As for your car comparsion the iphone vs every other android phone is a losing fight for apple. Sure they may a ashton martin with different models for the iphone, but the android system does have ford tpe cars but they also have ferrari's porsche's and saleen s7 type phones as well. So there in that is the short comings of apple they limit their phones to one company preventing and real advancements from being made because of the limitions apple puts on its self. So once again the iphone is not as good as all the apple fan boys would have you believe.

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