Stay safe online - live in the 1950s instead

6 February 2012

Are you keen to stop your kids from falling in with the wrong cybercrowd while they’re surfing the intermaweb? You should educate yourself about some of the perils and pitfalls with the help of this brilliantly-made infomercial from CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre).

Erm, no – actually YOU’RE a pointless, overblown, highly stylised, boring, useless old piece of shit that will help precisely no one. Perhaps the aim of it is to provoke you into smashing up all of your internets so that your younglings can never be snared by some kind of evil online Candyman.

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  • Beebeard
  • Boris
    What Utter Tosh! Instead of making this I would have rather seen them pile up the money wasted and have an Al-Queda member set fire to it with a burning Union Jack.
  • Disgusted W.
    This video is depraved! Clearly it is made by a peado-pornite trying to destroy CEOP. Just look at the still image at 2:02 as I have for some considerable time. Yes that's right! You see it too don't you you disgusting pervert. It's not just me! It's not just me!
  • Mike H.
    Nice mum. Bet she's been watching back-to-back episodes of Downturn 'Fucking' Abbey on BBC iPlayer all afternoon, with a glass of wine, a tube of KY and a foot long double-ender.
  • Spenh
    you took 4 minutes of my life and I want them back...
  • shinkyshonky
    The wifey positions herself well putting stuff in the oven....
  • Dick
    The wifey positions herself well putting stuff in the oven…. The daughter doesn't do bad at 45s either, but the wife has it mastered at 2.34.

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