Starbucks to offer wireless charging

13 June 2014

starbucks-logo Soon, going to Starbucks won't only give you a burst of caffeine fueled energy, but also, your phone. The coffee botherer announced that they are going to make Powermat’s wireless charging stations available in its shops.

It seems, for the moment, this is only Stateside, but big companies like this tend to roll these things out worldwide if they are deemed a success. It looks like there'll be 10 (or more) Powermat Spots, where you can charge up your phone by the power of witchcraft.


Starbucks were one of the first big companies to offer wifi as standard, which saw their profits rocketing as consumers chose their coffee by being able to work or look at dirty pictures on Tumblr. This could well be the latest thing that other companies will copy, which is good news for those tottering down the High Street.

However, there's one small problem - what if your phone isn't compatible with wireless charging? Well, a number of phones are, such as the LG G3, Nexus 5 and variety of Nokia handsets. If you want to use wireless charging stations, you might have to buy a compatible case for your phone.

That said, if you're likely to be in Starbucks with any frequency, then you'll be thrilled to learn that it won't break the bank to buy one of the tiny receiver rings that plug into your phone. There's also back covers for some Samsung phones that allow wireless charging.

In the stores themselves, there'll be Powermat Spots, which are small circles that are implanted in tables and counters.  This could be a real winner for Starbucks, so expect to see their rivals jumping on the bandwagon very soon.

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  • Dick
    Sounds ideal for people that don't have plug sockets in their houses.
  • Sawyer
    "expect to see their rivals jumping on the bandwagon very soon" Except that Costa have only just gotten around to adding free Wifi in some stores. Starbucks also do the free app-of-the-week that the other chains haven't really bothered with. Don't really see this catching on TBH.
  • James C.
    In fact, those phones that ARE compatible with wireless charging, including my own Nexus 5, are compatible with the Qi wireless charging protocol. The Powermat charging, which Starbucks intends to put into stores on the West Coast of the US only for now, is not compatible with ANY phones on the market right now (unless you buy an adaptor). But wait. Apple sells a Powermat case in their stores. And Starbucks gives away iTunes stuff every week in their coffee shops. And there is a new iPhone out soon. So...

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