Starbucks, McDonalds... now Tesco to roll out free WiFi network

25 July 2011

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The number of WiFi hotspots in the UK may be about to blow through the roof, and it's all thanks to Tesco. The stores already use WiFi internally, but management are looking to make their networks public.

The FT reports that Tesco is already trialling the service in four stores, and that management believe rolling it out nationwide is a no-brainer. The fact that many mobile apps (including Tesco's own) allow customers to aimlessly wonder around scanning barcodes and tit about in the bread aisle is no doubt the driving force behind the decision. It's also possible that Tesco could offer some sort of WiFi-related incentive to their ClubCard scheme.

Will it improve the shopping experience? Free WiFi makes more sense in an environment like Starbucks or Pret A Manger where consumers can sit out of one another's way. Will it lead to supermarkets filling up with tourists on foreign roaming plans? Will we be forcing trolleys past five kids stood in a huddle while mum tweets Phillip Schofield? Grim.



  • Avon B.
    Been in Tesco recently? It's full of foreigners already.
  • Phil76
    Surely the solution is to fit boxing glove attachments to the front of each trolley? If we hurry we could even introduce trolley-punching for the 2012 olympics
  • Thefunboi
    Actually, i think its good. Every tesco i go into has no flippin signal with their stupid big tin roof! And when im trying to use their finder app, i cant get 3g to do it. So go tesco wifi i say!!
  • Tim
    God, if it isn't bad enough having to put up with masses of idiots when shopping, we now have to put up with them waving their iPads about too! Though hopefully the Apple cult tends to shop at Waitrose given the way they like to spend. Obviously Tesco are looking for an app they can get them to use whilst going round the isles. People will love it for some augmented crap it delivers whilst being blind to the way Tesco are manipulating them into buying what they want them to buy.
  • Dick
    I see it as a good thing. Think how many ipads you can damage on one shopping trip. "Oh sorry, the wheel on this trolley is wonky, I didn't mean to side-swipe you like that."
  • cheap i.
    Great, more people eating burgers and on Facebook. How is that supposed to help the obesity.

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