Starbucks bringing payment iPhone app to UK

24 November 2011

Have you ever looked at a coffee house and thought that the simple process of paying for a drink and getting a drink in return was just too fiddly? Well, thank GOD Starbucks have come up with a payment app for the iPhone which is coming to the UK.

It's a one-touch iOS payment thing and will hit these shores from the 5th of January next year. You will be able to link your Starbucks card with your app using the on-screen barcode, you can still get freebies and the like.

starbucks payment app

Since it got a release in the USA earlier this year, it’s become the fastest way to pay for coffee. Alas, it hasn't made the process of actually making a cup of coffee any faster, but y'know, what can you do?

Apparently, one in five Starbucks customers in the UK pay for their coffee with their Starbucks card, so will they be keen to adopt this new system instead? No word on an Android app as yet, so we'll have to wait and see. Either way, technology and coffee. Hurray for that or something.


  • The B.
    That's great, now all they need to do is start making decent coffee.
  • Nick T.
    I wouldn't pay for that dishwater. Give me Caffe Nero every time.
  • Dick
    Why not have an app that automatically orders and pays for a cup of coffee whenever you are within 100m of a starbucks. That way, it will be ready for you when you enter the store. And let's face it, you go in every fucking starbucks there is and spend a tenner a day on a couple of cups of coffee.

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