Squared eyed Google building TV set-top box

Bitterwallet - Googlte TVThere are plenty of online services that deliver a TV experience to your computer, and the line between the two platforms is becoming increasingly blurred. One day, the oft-mentioned day when jetpacks and flying cars will be the norm, the two will be indistinguishable.

Google, who have enough money to invent both jetpacks and flying cars whenever they fancy it, are instead attempting to unify online and television with the creation of a set-top box which will deliver rich web content to the TV screen.

PC World reports that Google are working together with both Sony and Intel to develop the boxes, which will use a version of the Android OS found on mobiles, and run on Intel's Atom chips. More interesting are reports that Google wants app developers to create applications for the hardware.

Google haven't stepped up to market their Android Market on a wider scale yet; while the number of mobile applications in the store continues to rise, sales and awareness remain low - Google has yet to market their apps to the mainstream, unlike Apple. However, the opportunity to develop apps for a platform like television - unimaginable a year or two ago - is sure to attract developers and may begin to push web-on-the-TV to a wider audience.

We still want jetpacks, Google. Crack on.

[PC World]

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  • F.D. A.
    Dude, this news is more than ONE month old... PC World's article dates from March 18th

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