Spotify US launch going well... but more importantly, it means extras for Limey

The launch of Spotify is "looking pretty good," according to the company's CEO Daniel Ek. Of course, they've been sneaking Americanisms our way already by having a bunch of people pronouncing it 'Spodify' on those commercials they run on the free-service.

In some boring keynote speech, Ek showed the Americans what Spotify does and, more importantly for us, what it plans to do.

The system is going to grow from something that simply streams music. Ek has let on that we'll now be able to buy tickets and merchandise through the platform.

There is also talk of a way in which we can follow artists via Spotify, in something akin to Twitter. Ek says: "We will likely adopt something similar (to Twitter) where you can follow or become a fan an artist. What that means initially is that everything on Spotify will be visible to that user in a way they can discover something new by Madonna or another artist they enjoy. But that could also potentially mean there could be a messaging channel directly from the artist to the fans. And that's likely something we're going to adapt." We could also see backstage videos, lyrics next to every track and playlists with the "live set list of the show you saw."

Bigger news is that Spotify are "in discussions with manufacturers where they even have Spotify buttons - a physical button - on the phone that can play content. " That could make huge business for the platform, but whether or not phone makers will be up for it is another matter. That said, in Sweden, telecom company Telia sold netbooks with a 3G data card in it that came with Spotify included.

Exciting times are ahead for Spotify, but whether all these things will be used as carrots to entice us into buying premium accounts remains to be seen. One thing is for sure - once it rolls out across America, that's when the big money will start changing hands.



  • james d.
    give me my damn API!!
  • adam d.
    *groan* that list of supposed new features just whiffs of the standard rubbish people come out with when trying to add value to a music service... stuff which will be second rate, nobody wants, and will ultimately lead to bloated inefficient software.
  • LD
    O.K. how long before the U.S big boys, Sony et al make a offer Spotify can't refuse? Gone on Daniel, have some principles.
  • spotify r.
    When will spotify finally be released in the USA and what is with the delay? copyright?
  • spotify r.
    I’ve heard that a compromise has been reached. Spotify will be free for users, but a “very limited” number of people will be able to use it.
  • Spotify r.
    The launch of Spotify to US market always late

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