Spotify say sorry for being riddled with malware

29 March 2011

spotify-logoSpotify have wrung their hands and apologised to users after an advertisement containing a virus was displayed on their service. Still haven't apologised for the people they hire to annoy us into getting a premium account though, eh?

"Hi, I'm Archie from Spodify..." *gunshot*

Anyway, this particular ad appeared on the service and didn't even need to be clicked on in order to infect a user's machine. This exploit then installed a bogus 'Windows Recovery' anti-virus program. This only affects users with free subscriptions (which is the majority of people who use it you'd think).

"Users with anti-virus software will have been protected," Spotify said in a statement. "We quickly removed all third party display ads in order to protect users and ensure Spotify was safe to use."

"We sincerely apologise to any users affected. We'll continue working hard to ensure this does not happen again and that our users enjoy Spotify securely and in confidence."

Apparently, the breach occurred at 11.30am on 24th March.

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  • ole
    Well Spotify you bullshitting dickheads. I have MacAfee on my work pc, and it infected me. So stop talking shit when you say those with anti-virus will be protected. Had to run a few malware cleaners to rid my machine of it, which cost me time and money at work. Nice one you bunch of cunts.
  • Tim
    Should read "Users with GOOD anti-virus software will have been protected" McAfee is malware itself in my book, just like Norton. Both are a bitch to remove utterly when they're pre-installed by manufacturers, and do nothing but slow the PC down. Thankfully I haven't run Spotify recently.
  • ole
    McAfee is terrible, but its a work pc, so cant do much about it. Have to periodically run Malwarebytes, spybot and a few others to pick up what McAfee cant be arsed to do!
  • PokeHerPete
    @ole, dont tell me they have you running IE6 aswell!
  • steveD
    That'd explain the virus I found out of the blue last week, good work spotify, so glad I use your services
  • craig
    It's a free service, and all it took was installing some free anti-virus to overcome it? Not a massive issue really.
  • ole
    @pokeherpete- windows 95 all the way!!! Ha, nah i use mozilla. Fingers to the man! @craig- It took a while for me to run the scanners, (as i have a lot of files) which did result in loss of production at work. I appreciate its not a big deal, but i am allowed to use spotify at work, but wont be if they find out that it spreads malware/viruses. Luckily this was more of an inconvinience rather than malicious. The facts still stand that a fairly well know and trusted software package allowed shite to fuck about with my machine....
  • Steve J.
    Get a mac.
  • Yue
    Lucky my account wouldn't open on the new PC and not bothering with it at all with the pokey customer service replies seems to make me justified in thinking Meh.
  • Tricky
    I had Microsoft Security Essentials and up to date on my laptop and it missed it aswell. Took half a day to clean it. The virus also made all my files hidden which was a right bloody pain. Wonder how many people out there had to pay someone to get this fixed.

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