Spotify removes five-track limit

19 March 2013

Spotify has done a sensible thing and removed the five-track limit from its service for non-paying users in the UK.

"The tracks that you couldn't listen to before will once again be available for your listening pleasure," Spotify said today.

It isn't all good news regarding greyed-out music though. Spotify still have a time limit on their service at 10 hours, which means after you've listened to 10 hours worth of music, you'll have to cough-up for a subscription or wait.

Or use Grooveshark.

This is slightly unfair as over in America, Australia and New Zealand, there's no caps for non-subscribers at all.

This news comes on the back of Spotify's announcement of the beta webbrowser player, which means you can stream Spotify without downloading the app (although it doesn't work on Firefox as yet).


  • whasitoya
    Use a US proxy then.
  • Chris
    Are you sure it doesn't work in Firefox? Because it worked fine for me the other day.
  • t4v
    The app works on my Firefox
  • Conz078
    Completely forgot about Grooveshark - Started using it a couple of years ago when it was fresh, my Virgin Media Spotify subscription is due to run out so I'll switcharoo on over to Grooveshark. Looks like they're spent a lot of time and money on the site since, too.

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