Spotify plans to extend its free service, musicians starve

Calling musicians everywhere - put another guitar on the fire, because Spotify is planning to negotiate royalty reductions with major labels so that they can extend their free service to phones.

At the moment, this is a rumour, but apparently Spotify ‘dudes’ are talking to Warner music about reducing fees and rights, and will be holding no doubt wanky talks with other labels soon.

It’s all intended to increase Spotify’s currently non-existent profitability and improve their free service – but the music industry might not be completely on board. After all, Spotify already deliver miniscule royalty cheques to musicians compared to iTunes or Amazon.

But with downloads stalling and CDs about as popular as frozen lasagne, the labels see subscription streaming services like Spotify - which has 20 million users worldwide - as the future model for the industry, so it’s in a good position to get its wish.

Whether the artists will play along is another matter - Adele, Taylor Swift and Coldplay have already bailed out because it’s not keeping them in gold plated Bentleys, wheatgrass juice and trips to the ‘Special Doctor.’

Should Spotify triumph by shafting the very people who justify its existence? Or should the artists and labels just suck it up and accept that the times are ‘a changin’?


  • chewbacca
    That Adele is a right fat untalented bitch, isn't she? The "people" who like her "music" really should be drowned en-masse.
  • noshit
    Yeah, really "insightful" you fucking knob.
  • chewbacca
    @noshit It's customary to direct your comments on here with an "@" symbol. It implies ytou are directing your comments to someone, and you're not just talking to yourself. However, as it appears you're an Adele fan, I'll stifle my surprise - you're clearly a total fucking moron if you like that utter shite. Do the world a favour and kill yourself. Painfully.
  • Adele
    @chewie. Come on dear, don't be so bitter. I told you it didn't matter your tool was only 2 inches and shot off after 1.5 seconds. You really need to let it go now...
  • Inspector G.
    Good. If these so called 'artists' don't want to to get a real job then they should be paid a non-job salary.
  • Captain W.
    What has all this got to do with cats?
  • jimmy
    Should kid suing, artist extorting, freedom eroding record companies feel the squeeze? Damn right they should! Technology should cut out the middle man, no need to press albums and bride radio stations to sell anymore, go online get your name out and if you're good you'll rise to top. If you drop the record label margin, I'm sure artists could make a decent living on earning a few pence per stream of your song, just write something that isn't throw-away pop.
  • noshit
    As there was no "@chewbacca" it would seem I was responding to the article. Your vanity really does push through sometimes. I'd better let you get back to fucking your Mother. "lulz". Dick.
  • Captain W.
    In which case ... were you responding to the article just then ^ ?
  • Captain W.
    @Me. Bleh. I did it too.
  • noshit
    @ captain wank Were you talking to me? Coz I am led to believe you must insert a "@" so all the clever ppl know who you are talking to.
  • Captain W.
    @noshit What I said.
  • noshit
    @ captain wank Aye, I know that you know but I still have to point it out coz it ..... so gay.
  • Captain W.
    @noshit Harsh, but fair.
  • chewbacca
    @all you bitches and Adele lovin ho's: Shut the fuck up, I win the internets, sicknote wins a cure for his anal herpes. Job is 100% a good 'un.

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