Spotify links up with 7digital to offer downloads

It’s already been proven by dozens of different scientific methods that Spotify is the best thing to happen to music fans since 1927 (when technological improvements meant that every 78rpm record stopped exploding and firing shards of itself directly into the listener’s face once it had finished.)

As it stands, Spotify is loaded up with millions of tracks that can be streamed into your computer for free (provided you don’t mind listening to one advert every 20 minutes or so.) Now they’re taking it a step further and are hooking up with music download service 7digital, allowing listeners to buy songs they like with simple links to 7digital’s site coming very shortly.

Long term, the plan is that 7digital’s download service will be a part of the Spotify program itself, good news for 7digital, as visits to Spotify’s website increased by 250% in February of this year.

All we need now are little holograms of the singers of every single song on Spotify to jump out of your screen and into the palm of your hand, where they’ll serenade you and give you a peck on the cheek before disappearing back into the cyber-ether. Bagsy we’re having Bobby Gillespie first!


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  • acecatcher3
    so now wud be a good time to buy shares in 7digital if u dont have any already.

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