Spotify launches new thing to sync up audio with hardware

spotify-logo Spotify have announced a new service called 'Connect' which aims to give you the chance to stream music around your house as seamless as can be.

A combined software-update and hardware-launch, Connect means that your music is synced to the cloud, enabling you to switch between any compatible hardware or stream your music to compatible speakers, using your phone/tablet as a controller.

In addition to this, Spotify have teamed up with a number of companies, such as Philips, Revo, Bang & Olufsen, Denon, Pioneer, and Yamaha, so you can link up  Spotify with compatible hardware.

The company will be hoping that this will encourage more users to get premium accounts, as they're still making a loss of around $77 million, which means that this new product will be only available to subscribers.


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  • Jon
    Maybe if Spotify fixes its sync issues, and updates the energy efficeincy of its app so that mobile batteries are draining at rapid rates, then more people will purchase premium. I personally subscribe, but will be downgrading my membership to the no-ads only version until the company fixes the simple and user-time consuming problems. As of now, they are -77mil because it simply isn't worth paying $10 a month for features that don't work.

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