Spotify launch new web player

8 March 2013

Spotify have launched their new player that you can use in your browser without downloading the app. The heralded this new thingummy with an email that read: ""Now you don't need to download Spotify! Try our new web player on your computer - now available as a beta version at The web player will be a real bonus because there's no app to download. So whether you're at the office, or round at a friend's house, simply log in to your account and hit play."

If you're a member, this pretty much kills off the need to use things like GrooveShark and the like.

Giving it a whirl, it works very well with my playlists all there and working in exactly the same manner the app does (I tried it in Chrome).

Thus far, there's no additional apps and social sidebar, which isn't much of an issue yet. They'll invariably be added when it launches fully at a later date.

With Apple and YouTube rumoured to be launching music players, it seems that Spotify has been given a kick in the pants in a bid to stay ahead of the game. If you're already a Spotify member, this is a really good addition to the service which is incredibly hard to be cynical about.

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  • Liam
    Finally, I can play Spotify on my Surface RT.

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