Sorry Sony, but your Google TV remote is just plain ugly

We're quite giddy about Google TV and the possibilities of bundling together digital media, on-demand and rental television with the web and apps. For the first time in a long time, it looks like Google are creating something sexy, something consumers would want in their home - which is more than can be said for the Google TV controller revealed by Sony in readiness for the launch.

Just look at it. Could this piece of plastic be anymore a) complicated, or b) ugly?

Bitterwallet - Google TV remote by Sony



  • Gunn
    Looks ok.
  • Paul C.
    Doesn't look any worse than any remote control nowadays, especially with that amount of functionality
  • keveh
    I don't think the buttons on it are that confusing, you're going to need them to navigate through apps etc. But the design is awful, it looks like an advanves 1980's remote control car controller.
  • ATennerPoorer
    At least it will be hard to lose it down the back of the sofa.
  • kev
    looks like the controls for Johnny 5
  • PaulH
    I think it needs the Apple logo on it and that Sony one removing...
  • Sh
    Ugly yes complicated no (qwerty keyboard+channel changer )
  • Ballu
    just use your android mobile/tablet... throw this in the drawer!
  • Fowlet
    Looks like two dead eyes staring back at you...
  • will
    is BW still hangin' from its birthday? how is this complicated? it seems like they've done a good job to be fair. keyboard at the bottom, with navigation & functionality at the top. even that looks simple, with what looks like simple tv commands, 1 d-pad for moving a cursor, and another for web-browsing. it even seems like a good size with enough reach to all the keys. what do you want on a web-based tv? a number pad with text-style input? that won't get old fast. +1 on rubbish aesthetics though.
  • person
    Nah its not complicated, just really ugly! They shouldhave had a look at the Boxee concept remote as a starting point, just add volume and channel changing buttons to this and this would have been a very swish remote Its pointless anyway, surely everyone using the GoogleTV will use their Android phone/iPhone/iPod touch as the remote
  • Jake
    Looks fine
  • DoubleBack
    Good grief, look at all the UX experts in this forum! Sorry guys, this is complicated by any definition. If you think it isn;t then you have defined yourself as a geek and therefore excluded yourself from being able to comment on designs intended for use in the real world. Jo Public will not use this. People struggle with remotes with 4 or 5 buttons on them, they certainly dont want a bloody keyboard.
  • Mark C.
    Doesn't look much more complicated than a game controller with a clip-on keyboard to me, though definitely not pretty. That has also reminded me of...,14309/
  • nobJockey
    @ DoubleBack It seems you are outnumbered mate; This is NOT a complicated remote, EVERYONE knows how to use a keyboard. And even the biggest numpty can find their way around a Blackberry without much difficulty. This has everything you want.... I like it, and yes I am a geek, but let's be honest, 90% of people interested in Google TV are gonna be somewhere on the Geek spectrum.
  • Franck D.
    And every button makes Sonic jump! Simples.
  • -]
    Far too complicated for the average person (who will need to buy it if the gtv is to be a success and go mainstream). For a geek or even someone semi-pc literate it will be fine, but for most people that thing will look like a nightmare and they will pass on it.
  • Sony B.
    [...] Sadly though, this new Sony effort comes with a really ugly remote control (which you can see here). [...]
  • This p.
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