Sony's new PSP is handsome and plays PS3 games *drool*

27 January 2011

Sony PSP New Sony's new PlayStation Portable machine has been highly anticipated and it really looks like business!

Codenamed the NGP (Next Generation Portable), this little gadget will do a helluva lot for your buck. Sony president Kaz Hirai says that the new handheld device will contain a "revolutionary" user interface, social connectivity, location-awareness, augmented reality, and PlayStation Suite compatibility.

The new PSP has a new 5 inch OLED screen running at 960 by 544 pixels. which means (or at least, Sony claims) that you'll be able to view the NGP's screen clearly from any angle. Well, unless you're looking at the back of it.

That said, it is also multitouch capable and allows users to interact with the device's back plane as well. That means you could well be using the front and rear panels, which is something the Nintendo 3DS won't be able to do. It also features dual rubber joysticks like the ones seen on a PS3 controller. The NGP also has dual cameras, one front and one rear.

The important thing is the games though, which you'll download as opposed to buy on discs. They'll be PS3 quality and, in addition, you'll be able to play your PS3 games on it which you'll export to your device. Sounds far-fetched, but reports are all backing up Sony's claims.

The NGP will also include WiFi, 3G and GPS technologies. It sounds like a very impressive piece of technology which has thus far, not been given a price. It could be quite an expensive bit of kit initially, but there are rumours that Sony may want to go head-to-head with Nintendo and price it in the same bracket as the DS. We'll just have to wait and see.

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  • Alex
    Graphically its about a halfway house between the original xbox and the xbox 360 actually. (according to digital foundry anyway) Sharing game data doesn't mean you'll be able to play your PS3 games on it, expect the games to look much sparser on the NGP than the PS3, as the Resistance demo highlighted.
  • Askgar
    Did you actually read the linked article? You won't be able to export your PS3 games to the "NGP", theres an option in game dev tools for the devs to export their PS3 games to NGP games. "How easy is it to put a PS3 game on the NGP? The company's including an "export" feature in its game development kit, one that's designed to aid developers who want to quickly migrate PS3 games to the handheld with minimal rendering changes."
  • violentj
    its gunna cost $ 899.99 but riiiidge racer wil be out on it
  • kv
    this will be an even bigger failure than the PSP go. people want physical discs that they can buy/sell
  • Fresno D.
    Can't wait to try it.
  • Steve O.
    Surely we've learnt by now to not believe anything Sony announces. It may well be great when it comes out, but I won't believe a single thing they say about it until I've played it myself. "As powerful as a PS3" my arse.
  • Ian
    The uncharted demo looked amazing, but why oh why didnt they give this thing the ability to make calls?
  • Matt J.
    Want to know why this will die a death? The battery spec is 4-6 hours. As anyone with a mobile phone knows, those figures are utter bullshit. 2-3 at best is my absolutely uneducated guess.
  • Ian
    ahh so that will be why it doesnt have the ability to make calls.. thats shit.
  • sony
    voice calling will be on PSP 3. One thing at a time. we dont want to give you everything at once otherwise we will have nothing new to use to entice you into getting PSP 3. Just so you kow PSP 4 will have video calling and skype. God bless you all. keep buying sony.
  • StauntonLick
    I believe it was Michael Pachter who said the PSP2 would be "dead on arrival" - judging by the specs and potential of the device I'm inclined to side with him on this one. The world has moved on from portables (The family- and old-person-friendly DS aside) and now play more games on their phones. The 15 hours I've clocked on Angry Birds so far is testament to that.
  • Jannich
    I really think that Sony needs to get their act together, if they desire to keep their lovers !

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