Sony Xperia Z2 to finally end charging with plugs?

12 March 2014

iphone-battery Sony's Xperia Z2 is set to launch and soon, users will be able to charge it wirelessly. Wireless charging has been promised for a while, but gadget manufacturers have been reluctant to get on with it and save us all from the hell of tangled plugs and fraying wires.

According to reports, Sony will be releasing official accessories so you won't need a plug for your Z2. You'll be able to get an official Wireless Charging Cover and Wireless Charging Plate for £70 and £55 respectively.

Of course, there are others. The Nokia Lumia has a charging plate too (which is considerably cheaper than Sony's offerings). However, the more companies get on this, the cheaper it'll all be for everyone. A bit of competition always drives prices down. That said, Sony are well versed in making non-universal adapters for products, so they'll inevitably work out a way of charging more than everyone else. Worth keeping in mind if you're looking for new tech. It'll be £125 extra on top of what you pay for your Z2.

The charging plate should be available from April, but it has been suggested that the cover won’t be out until June, which seems slightly daft.

If everyone else can hurry up and create a reliable, wireless charging system for gadgets, that'd be great.

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  • Dobby
    FYI, the current Nexus 7, 5, and 4 are all able to wirelessly charge - the pack is on google play store for about £35
  • Richard
    Aren't these things basically little plates that plug into the wall and you have to sit your phone on the plate? In which case, how is this really any different to just plugging the phone in?
  • Mark H.
    Yes with the Nexus's you don't need a 'charging cover' either - it's built into the device.
  • FatalException
    Several Nokia Lumias also wirelessly charge. But I'll forgive you for not knowing that as no one owns them.
  • yak
    Nokia phones have done it for a while either built in or with an accessory. My s3 also did it. im guessing this is an advert rather than 'news'
  • JustSaying
    The charging plate has a cable which needs to be plugged in, so how will this save us all from the hell of tangled plugs and fraying wires
  • raphael
    Before slashing Sony, you should consider how much time wireless charge of Z2 will take.
  • Rasputin
    "That said, Sony are well versed in making non-universal adapters for products" Mof - did a Sony rep shit in your knicker drawer or something? Sony have for years been championing the use of standard cable/adapters for charging (using mini and micro USB across almost all their devices). You wrote the same inaccurate shite here as well -
  • Ari E.
    The down side of the wireless charging is that we have to use a charging plate which act like a "middle man" between the mobile device and the power source. The charging plate still has a cable which has to be plugged to an AC power source, meaning we actually charge "two devices" at the same time. Like all transactions that require a middle man, we have to -one way or another- pay the middle man. In the wireless charging case, the process has to draw more electricity then it would be required by a conventional direct (cable) charging system. The second downside will be more apparent if -for any reason- we have to carry the charging plate with us. I think Sony Xperia Z2 is already an excellent product without wireless charging system. No other mobile phones currently have better specs than the Z2.
  • Jack M.
  • Slacker
    I've owned two Sony laptops, two MiniDisc players and a completely useless mobile phone which had entirely non-standard power supplies and were a ballache to replace when they eventually stopped working. Don't suppose Rasputin has ever seen those though.

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