Sony suspend pre-orders of PS4

13 August 2013

Playstation-Buttons-300x187 Sony have told Tesco, Asda, Amazon and Toys R Us to halt all orders which guarantee the new PlayStation 4 console on its launch date. Many retailers also believe that Microsoft will follow suit with the Xbox One.

A release date hasn't been announced for the PS4, but it is almost certainly going to be out before Christmas.

"The fact both consoles are released at the same time means the excitement is enormous," said Stuart Miles, editor of gadget website Pocket Lint. "Both companies have had far more pre-orders than expected. This is good for both firms but they need to ensure they can meet demand. Problems longer term can seriously dent sales."

The new PlayStation will come with Blue-Ray, USB and ethernet ports and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connections and those who buy the next-gen device will need a PlayStation Plus membership to play multiplayer online games too.

The console will retail at £349.

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  • Yog S.
    What is blue-ray?
  • Chewbacca
    ^ It's porn on a high capacity optical disc. Blu-Ray for moves, Blue-Ray for porn. The fucking morons.
  • klingelton
    playstation plus to play multiplayer. I knew there was going to be a catch. I will be sticking with my PS3 until it heaves a sigh of a dying death.
  • Chewbie

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