Sony 'SmartWig' is perhaps the weirdest wearable technology yet

27 November 2013

Wayne-with-Wig-image2 Sony, in their infinite wisdom, have filed a patent for a 'SmartWig', which could include ultrasound sensors, a camera and a laser pointer.

No, really.

Apparently, this peculiar contraption is to be worn as a mobile computer and, with a straight face, the patent describes a "plurality of natural and/or artificial hair pieces" which will hide sensors and communication devices.

Not only that, but the whole weave will vibrate on your skull, so you can get tactile feedback when, for example, you're getting directions from a map. All the while, the wig will use its ultrasound sensor to detect things like a submarine on your head.

Sony says in the application: "The SmartWig integrates different types of computational functions within a wig, leading to a smart and intelligent type of wig that has so far not been known. The wearable computing device... has several advantages over state of the art wearable computing devices. First...a natural appearance is realized, thereby increasing the user comfort in a practical and also psychological aspect."

"The wearable computing device... therefore allows to produce surprising effects without being seen. Secondly, the proposed wearable computing device... allows for very sensitive sensing and sensitive user feedback, since it is integrated into a wig... that is adapted to be worn on the user's head, which is a much more sensitive area than e.g. the foot, the hand or waist of the user."

"Thirdly, the proposed wearable computing device... has the advantage that the user... can instantly change his/her appearance just by changing the type, shape and/or colour of the wig."

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  • Chewbacca's m.
    Not as good as Chewboo's Strap-on-o-matic 2000! (12" version) Now that's wearable tech!
  • Captain W.
    Will they do a merkin version?

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