Sony say sorry about PSN going down and offer gifts

16 May 2011

Playstation ButtonsSony have finally confirmed that the PSN (the thing that allows you to play games online and the like) services have started to come back in Europe after nearly a month of inactivity on PS3.

Of course, to most sane people, this has been little more than an inconvenience... but let us think of the poor, shrieking nutjobs who ABSOLUTELY NEED to pop their little headsets on and get lost in a world of virtual warfare with other masturbators.

To make sure that these people don't kill themselves, Sony want to apologise with some online gifts and service bonuses.

To get back online, there's a mandatory system update and routine password change. After that, you'll get free "PlayStation entertainment content" which means that PSN customers can have a free PS Plus membership for 30 days and a choice of two from five free PS 3 games.

Sony has already stated that they'll be giving American PlayStation Network subscribers $1 million-worth of identity insurance. Can we expect something similar here in the UK? Apparently, that will be the case as Sony promises to be working hard to bring European customers "something similar".


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  • w0nKeY H.
    c&vd? Is that what you get after bumming foxes. repeatedly.
  • Sgt H.
    Someone has clearly never played any online gaming then. You can get some quite good satisfaction from putting a sniper bullet through someone elses head. Not too sure about trying it in real life though.
  • luke k.
  • delrio
    psp owners that are psn members also get a choice of 2 free games those that own both get 2 games for each platform - which is nice i doubt uk will get anywhere near the same insurance thing tho, american customers are their hardest market, as they have loyalty to xbox like japan does to ps. that's probably why they were the first to get psn back too
  • covman
    I've changed my password etc. and updated my system but find that the Playstation Store is still constantly undergoing maintenance. Nice of PS to offer the games but very difficult to get hold of them.

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