Sony release S1 and S2 tablet teasers with expensive looking video

17 June 2011

Sony will soon be releasing their vaguely muttered about S1 and S2 Android tablets. And now there's a teaser video we can all watch to see what these new wire-filled slates actually look like:

It's a rather expensive, classy clip which is reminiscent of the cause-and-effect car commercial from a while back. It is rather slow (hopefully, not indicative of the S1 and S2's performance), but it is a cut above the usual dross you see when tech companies are unveiling new products.

The Sony S1 and S2 will possibly hit the shelves in September with pre-orders available from August.


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  • baz
    What a painfully dull video. Couldn't be arsed to watch it all the way through, and I'm saying this on a friday afternoon in the office.
  • Boris
    @baz You should have stuck it out - there's an amazing naked lightsaber fight between Pippa Middleton and a zombi Princess Di at the end. No holes barred. (/aside: There's not - you were spot on in your description of it as 'painfully dull')
  • Sawyer
    I was going to make a comment about why anyone would care what they look like - what with all tablets being a slab of touchscreen with a black bezel - but then noticed right at the end that one was actually a dual-screen folding type. So I'll give them that (even if you can't see it well in the video). Still no reason to get excited though.
  • Jason H.
    It's going to be bad news for Sony when they have their next earnings release - It will not be good at all. Sony needs to partner with someone else to help it through it's long dark quarters.
  • Arnie
    What was that killer red light and where do i get one?
  • Richard M.
    I was going to think of a clever response but I've just nodded off....zzzzz......

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