Sony pull the plug on the PSP in Japan

psp_hands_hooligankid Ten years after it was released, the Sony Playstation Portable will no longer be released in Japan. Yes, the well-loved handheld tinker has been given its cards, heralding the end of Japan's long running love affair with the PSP.

Once, it was quite the thing. When it was launched in 2004, Japanese gamers couldn't get enough of it, ditching their Nintendos to clutch sweatily at it, playing such hit games as Monster Hunter and God Eater.

God, those were some good times - so much so that it went onto sell 80 million units worldwide.

And even when the PS Vita was released in 2012, Japanese love for the PSP was undimmed. They got straight to it, playing God Eater 2, and clutched it to their bosom like a real-life sex doll.

But some things don't last, and today Sony have announced it will stop shipping the PSP to Japan. might be more of a case of Machiavellian string pulling behind the scenes. Do Sony want to tear this love asunder so that people will buy PS Vitas? Unless their aggressive discounting in Japan on PS Vitas is a coincidence?

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  • Tourism D.
    I wonder if PSP outsells the Wii U? Obviously sales would have been boosted by Mario Kart but still what are the global numbers like?

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