Sony launch PlayStation TV service

13 November 2014

watching-television Sony are showing off their new PlayStation Vue service, which is basically a bit like Netflix. Basically, it is a new cloud-based TV service which will show live TV as well as on-demand shows without the need for a satellite service.

At the moment, it is only launching in the USA at the start of 2015, but if they get their licensing deals right and start offering, say, HBO and Comedy Central to the rest of the world, they could make some serious money.

The Vue service will be available on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 initially, before being shunted to iPads and other non-Sony devices shortly afterwards.

There's no clue on how much PlayStation Vue is going to cost, but it is fair to assume you'll pay a monthly subscription in the same way you pay for Spotify or Netflix.

As for the American launch, Sony have struck some deals with a good number of big US TV networks including Fox, CBS, Discovery, Viacom (who own BET) and NBC Universal. It'll have somewhere in the region of 75 channels. There'll be catch-up and the ability to save your favourite shows to the cloud and watch them later, provided you watch them within the 28 day limit.

Rumour has it that it won't be long before there's a UK roll-out and then a Europe-wide version of the service. If they manage to get a load of decent American shows, it could well be a challenger to Netflix.

Meanwhile, people who can work a torrent remain utterly uninterested in all of this.

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