Sony drops price of PSP in time for Christmas

15 November 2010

psp_hands_hooligankidJust weeks after Sony dropped the price of the PSP Go, it is set to drop in price all over again.

Earlier this month, Sony announced that they were hacking away at the price of the handheld gaming console in the US, Japan and Europe. Here in the UK, we saw the price dropping from £225 to £159.99.

And now, through the UK Sony Store (click here to pay 'em a visit if you want a cheapo Christmas present for someone), the price has dropped another £30, coming in at £129.99. Over a £100 drop in a month isn't to be sniffed at.

Of course, being cynical, this looks like a company reacting to disappointing sales or, maybe they're giving everyone a chance to get hold of one so they can get excited about the prospect of the rumoured Sony PSP Phone? Either way, it's a big drop in price and it's a good time to bag a bargain.


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  • Phil
    I brought one at launch (for a misprice of about £180) and get reasonable use out of it, but I'm constantly baffled by Sony letting shops selling the UMDs undercut their own store prices. Still, apparently they're running a promotion where you get 10 free games when you buy it as well, which goes a long way to sweetening the deal
  • StuPid
    Sony have said it was an error and is still 159.99. It will drop again though - I bet they have loads left over and need the warehouse space for the PSP2 and PSP-Phone that are incoming
  • Duke
    £225 down to £129.99 isn't "Over a £100 drop"
  • -]
    I'm not surprised it has been dropped in price - a console with only 16 full games released in a year is pretty much useless. I wouldn't pay £59.99 for it, never mind £159. I'm glad I bought a PSP all those years ago, don't get me wrong, and I still use it to this day (although more for emulators than commercial games), but buying a PSP in 2010 is akin to wiping your arse on the money and then setting fire to it and then pissing on it.
  • Kevin
    Got to drop more to get it selling properly. There is no reason to get one, I agree with - ]
  • Mark C.
    The PSP Go is a complete white elephant - if you really must have one, you're better off getting a PSP 3000 in the interim before next year's pretty much inevitable replacement comes out.

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