Someone forgot to renew

The IT team at Halfords have possibly been devoting too much of their time doing things that they shouldn’t have been doing with their computers lately. How else would you explain this…?


Yes, that was what visitors to would have seen if they’d surfed their way over to it earlier today. Seemingly someone had forgotten to renew the domain and a holding page featuring links to other car-type sites was all that was visible instead.

The site is back up and running now, and Halfords have officially put the error down to “a temporary administrative issue in our domain name renewal process”. Stop dicking around on RedTube and do your job properly is what we say to that.



  • Andrew
    They were sending all their Google traffic to not that long ago....
  • nick
    Looks like they forgot to renew too!
  • Cheesey
    Ah Redtube! I'd forgotten about them, thanks for the reminder - another site to while away boredom. ;)
  • Russ
    And it's gone again, this reminded me that I was going to check out if they did DAB Car aerials and I got the holding page!
  • simon
  • someone a.
    still down now too
  • Scott
    Still down for me too!
  • ash
    Chuffing usless monkeys!!

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