Solicitor-slagging website gets sued for defamation. No one is surprised.


Here’s some advice – if you’re going to slag off solicitors on a website, just don’t. That’s because they’re solicitors and they know the law and they’ll probably sue you and stuff.

That’s what Rick Kordowski has just found out. His Solicitors From Hell website, which he set up following a dispute with a legal eagle, is facing legal action due to alleged defamation.

The site was launched as the go-to place for people to have a grumpy gripe if they feel they’ve been treated badly by a solicitor but now the Law Society is going after Kordowski, following on from individual claims from smaller law firms.

On the Radio 4 consumer extravaganza You and Yours programme, Law Society Chief Executive Desmond Hudson roared that the site was “littered with untruths and abusive comments”, and accused it of not giving lawyers a right of reply.

Sort of like Tripadvisor for people who sometimes wear gowns and wigs then…

EDIT: The plot thickens. Our Mexican wrestler and legal expert Len Dastard adds: "For ethical reasons, I will never set foot in a ring, metaphorical or otherwise with Solicitors From Hell head honcho Senor Kordowski. It has been reported that he has attempted to charge solicitors £299 to remove postings from his 'website'. I find his motives questionable."


  • Susan W.
    £299 to remove postings, yea right- how many solicitors would actually pay? Answer: None Great publicity stunt!
  • Tom
    Sounds like a good business plan to me. Much like solicitors charging for services you did not need before meeting them.

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