Social networking sites cost economy £1.4bn (Or: Britain isn't good enough at skiving)

Apparently, more than half of British office workers use Facebook and Twitter. I was going to say 'social networking sites', but no-one uses MySpace anymore and the people who use Bebo certainly aren't bright enough to get an actual office job.

These people, it has been reported, are costing the British economy somewhere in the region of £1.4bn with their skiving.

Whilst that is an impressive/terrifying figure, when you delve a little deeper, it shows just how rubbish British people are at skiving at work. One upon a time, our great beslacked workforce would drink too much tea for skiving toilet trips or walk around the office with a bit of paper to look like they were doing something. Inventive stuff.

Now, it's said that they waste an average of 40 minutes a week (each) by Tweeting and whatnot. 40 minutes a week? That's pathetic!

Some consultant called Philip Wicks, who commissioned the survey, said: “When it comes to an office environment the use of these sites is clearly becoming a productivity black hole. Social networking can be a cause for good when it is used professionally but I think organisations need to wake up – that is not the way it is always being used.”

Boooo! Typical bloody middle-management talk!

David Clubb, managing director of Office Angels, added: “As younger generations join the workplace, I believe UK businesses will, inevitably, have to embrace social networks, recognising the benefits of providing staff with well deserved downtime, but also their potential for business networking.”

That's more like it.  Skivers of the world unite! Also, if you're reading this and tutting, you're probably one of those daft people who moans about skivers yet does all their outstanding work for them. You should set up a Twitter account so you can moan about it to everyone.

[via Telegraph]


  • Graham
    My skiving time is much more impressive. I read Bitter every day in work and waste at least an hour or so!
  • iCock
    Pfff, I say. As per Graham, I'll find ANYTHING to do, other than work. They prolly get about 3 hours a day out of me.
  • Skiver
    Because each of those 40 minutes would be used for actual work if fb and twitter didn't exist? I'm pretty sure the £1.4bn couldn't be recouped by shutting down these sites as people would find other distractions. Did we have articles like these when minesweeper and solitaire first became standard on windows? They have probably cost more in lost productivity hours than all social networking sites combined...
  • Bullet
    Dont forget good old fashioned PORN.
  • Louis H.
    I think they underestimated how much time people spend on social networks. But ten years ago we were discussing how people waste time on email. Now it's a newer, faster more engaging medium!
  • Martin
    And how much do toilet breaks cost UK businesses? Or looking out the window? Or doodling? Or blinking while you sneeze? Why not ban all those activities too? Orrr... we could recognise that happy employees are generally productive employees. Give a man a facebook account, he slacks for a day. Teach him how to use Facebook responsibly, he manages his personal time more effectively for a lifetime etc etc blah blah

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