Social media helps girl find lost toy

In a story so heartwarming that big burly men will be moved to tears, Twitter has actually proved a force for good, rather than a nest of pedantic, nitpicking vipers. It's all thanks to the sterling work of Twitter user Lauren Bishop Vranch, who got on a train at King's Cross on Friday and found that a well loved soft toy had been left behind.


She tweeted a picture of the toy with the words 'Found this well loved little dude on an East Coast train at Kings Cross - let's find the owner, Twitter!'

Lauren was on her way to Newcastle for the weekend, but promised to give the toy into lost property at King's Cross on her return. In the meantime, she amusingly live tweeted a night out on the town with ted - using the hashtag #lostbear - featuring him in the pub and at a panto.

Meanwhile, a little girl called Phoebe Simpson had been in tears all weekend after losing her favourite toy. Her father, Ben Simpson, then saw the photos of the 'bear' (actually a lion called 'Roar') when they turned up on Facebook, and wrote:

'Wow the power of the internet and kind folk - that’s my daughter Phoebe’s bear - I have just shown her the picture and she is over the moon. Phoebe is very much looking forward to being reunited with him. Thank you all so much!'



  • shiftynifty
    Sad story time bro...probaly on a talent show next year
  • bittertraveller
    @Tits stop copying and pasting HR's comments from your annual review
  • Dick
    That's one way to handle cocaine transportation.
  • bittertraveller
    My reply is a bit ruined when the original comment gets censored. Censor all or nothing.

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