Snapchat users at risk from hackers

27 December 2013

snapchat Given that Snapchat is all about sharing your 10 seconds of fame/exposed genitalia with the world, you wouldn’t think that its users were all that concerned with the idea of privacy. But a group of Australian hackers has exposed a security vulnerability which means that user’s phone numbers can easily be accessed.

The helpful hackers, called Gibson Security, issued the warning in a report (my, aren’t hackers professional and organised these days?), which contained coding showing a fault in one of Snapchat’s features.

They said: ‘Snapchat has a feature where it will grab all the numbers from your address book, upload them to their server [which is pretty bad by itself] and suggests your friends. We discovered that if you were to go through and scan single phone number through this find friends function you could essentially obtain the phone number of a Snapchat user.’

The group contacted Snapchat about four months ago, but Snapchat didn’t want to know. The group, which has now completed their Snapchat ‘project’, suggested that the social network needed to patch the fault in the ‘find friends’ feature and ‘quickly limit the damage as much as possible.’

Snapchat are keeping schtum on the matter, probably because they’re too busy posing topless next to a rowing machine and sending the photo to someone called completeimbecile1872.

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