Smug Samsung show off Galaxy Tab 10.1 and flash Apple

10 June 2011

You know how Apple's iPad doesn't have Flash? You did, but found that, by and large, it didn't really matter much to you? Well, don't tell Samsung because their new ad for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 spends time crowing about just that.

Of course, they're vying for a scrap with the market-leader, which is kinda fun, but they've missed a trick. They should've simply had 'iPad owners are all sinister pricks' in big letters behind a man pissing about on a Galaxy.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is 8.6mm thick with a built-in 3-megapixel camera and you can play games on it and watch videos and all that junk. You know how these things work, right? What you probably won't be doing, like the video suggests, is taking it down the pub to play racing games on. If you did, you deserve to get it pinched or to have a pint spilt over it.


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  • Zleet
    At last, I can watch those flash porn sites on the go. The future is here!!!

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