'Smell-O-Vision' TV now exists thanks to Japanese scientists

21 October 2010


Have you ever found yourself watching Gillian McKeith ferret around in a lunchbox full of faeces and thought 'I wish I could smell what she's smelling'.

No? Doesn't matter because Japanese scientists (who probably already live in the future somehow) have decided that you want smell-o-vision. Mercifully, this new technology won't release every smell that you see on-screen, which is handy if you like watching war documentaries or the news (apparently, Huw Edwards smells like a bull that's been set on fire).

The technique uses printers to spray small amounts of scent rather than ink.

Dr Kenichi Okada, of Keio University, Tokyo, said: "We are using the ink-jet printer's ability to eject tiny pulses of material to achieve precise control."

Basically, using ink jet printers, the Japanese team adapted a Canon printer to squirt four "ingredient" scents and managed to get hints of mint, grapefruit, cinnamon, lavender, apple and vanilla. Handy if you're watching a cookery show that only ever uses those ingredients.

So are we all destined for a future where we watch everything in 3D while a printer noisily cranks out smells that don't necessarily correlate with what you see on-screen?

Is this some fiendish plan to make the televisual experience so irritating that we all end up taking interest in outdoor pursuits and get healthy?

If you can't afford smell-o-vision, simply get a Glade air-freshener and squirt it into your nostril every 30 seconds while watching Gardener's World.

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  • Kev
    brilliant, cant wait for hardcore porn smell-o-vision.
  • Noghar
    This was invented like twenty years ago - I remember reading about it. It's so patently a shit idea it gets forgotten immediately and eventually some other twerp 'invents' it again. Nice to know even Japanese research labs sometimes waste time, money and intelligence on such pointless crap.
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