Smartphones: Not for making phonecalls on

2 July 2012

Smart.This could've been a 'Deathwatch: Phoning people'. See, we once may have bought mobile phones so we could ring people while we're on the go, but alas, our intense loathing of actually speaking to other humans saw our behaviour changing with the advent of texting.

And research undertaken by someone with nothing better to do reveals that actually phoning people is the fifth most used function on a smartphone. Even texting has dropped down the list of how we spend our times on our phones.

It seems that Britons spend most of their time online when using their mobiles, mucking around on social networking sites, playing games and listening to music.

David Johnson, General Manager Devices for O2 in the UK, which commissioned the research, said: "Smartphones are now being used like a digital ‘Swiss Army Knife’, replacing possessions like watches, cameras, books and even laptops. Smart technology has improved in dramatically with the camera, diary, email and social media hardware and apps where design attention has been lavished. Now that it’s so easy to use, there’s no surprise that consumers are switching to phones for these functions."

Of course, this shows that people aren't buying alarm clocks, watches, cameras and diaries as a result. So how are people spending their times on their phones? Well, here's the top 10:

1.Browsing the internet
2. Checking social networking sites
3. Playing games
4. Listening to music
5. Making calls
6. Emails
7. Text messaging
8. Watching TV/films
9. Reading books
10.Taking photographs

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  • Kevin
    1, 2 and 6 could be the same thing really depending on your definitions. I am surprised that texting is so low but I'd agree with most of that. I rarely ever make calls on my phone.
  • W0NkEy H.
    People read books on their smartphones ? Really ?? I am getting far too old for this.
  • Peppa p.
    I'm assuming 'watching porn' is included in no. 1
  • Avon B.
    What about "opening tins of paint"?
  • TC
    Well, I should think that would have been fairly obvious, even before smart phones, people weren't constantly making phone calls, it's just that fact that there were no alternative options before to spend time on your phone with (except Snake II), so the majority of 'used time' would have gone on calls, because that's the only option.

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