Smartphones and social networking next on the hit list of criminals, obviously

5 April 2011

android_appsAccording to a company who are experts in security, and seemingly, people who like to state the insultingly obvious, smartphones and social networking sites are likely to become the focal point for cyber criminals.

Symantec's annual threat analysis is warning that technologies are being used increasingly to spread malicious code and targeting users of Facebook, Twitter and Android phones, making people with Apple devices increasingly smug no doubt despite several pieces of malware were also found on jailbroken iPhones.

Currently, the rise is quite small and still dwarfed by phishing scams and the like, but security holes in Android handsets are being exploited and used to install harmful software. They sniff a weakness, clearly.

Orla Cox, security operations manager at Symantec, says: "It allows people to do a variety of things from intercepting SMS messages to dialling toll numbers. They have opened up the possibility of what is there."

The most prevalent sources of ill are links that encourage users to click through to other sites containing malware and dodgy apps designed to collect personal data. It's suggested that one in every six links posted on Facebook contain malicious software.

Of course, it is worth noting that it is worth Symantec's time stirring the worry pot as they make their money selling internet security software.

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  • andy y.
    Orla Cox? Seriously
  • james D.
    Oh please don't start saying terrible journalist things like "it is suggested that" which means that all you have to get is one crazy person who says its true and then you can say "it is suggested that" most of us actually use facebook, and while we have probably all seen malicious facebook apps it is not 1 in 6, I really would like to know what your source is on that.
  • commy

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