Smart wristband gives you an electric shock, to try and save you money

Electric shocks to save money

Are you spending far too much money? Do you throw it around like a lottery winner when you're actually on paper-round wages? Well, you could save money by using all of our great deals and vouchers. That's what clever people do, obviously.

Or, you could give yourself an electric shock. Seriously.

There's a company who have got their heads together, and come up with the idea of having a Pavlovian wristband, that sends electric shocks through your wrist, ever time you want to spend money.

255 volts of electricity, to be precise - and it'll shoot through your arm every time your bank account drops to a certain limit.

The smartwear braclet has actually been around for a while. It was first launched in 2014 in America, by a company called Pavlok.

Now, a British firm called Intelligent Environments has got in on the action. The wristband works like this.

Basically, you log into your bank account, sync it up with your electric shock wristband, and set yourself a spending limit.

When you get near to the limit, your phone will notify you that you need to keep an eye on what you spend. When you go over that limit, you get an electric shock.

Chief executive David Webber says: "This is about reacting to changes in your financial well-being. Willpower is great if you've got it - not everybody has."


  • Alan S.

    I would be electrocuted to death by it!

  • Jason R.

    you both need this!

  • Sarah M.

    get one of these for Dan! .... and me!

    • Lyndsey C.

      You both need 5 each xx

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