Smart idea? Vodafone launch PAYG Android smartphone

16 May 2011

android_appsVodafone are to flog a Pay As You Go Android smartphone in Europe this summer. The company are to launch the €90 handset in Germany, Italy and the UK. It'll be called the Vodafone Smart and will use Android 2.2 software.

"More and more Vodafone customers are enjoying the benefits of smartphones which currently account for over 40% of the phones we sell in Europe," says Vodafone Group terminals director Patrick Chomet.

"Continuing to push the boundaries through our own-brand range, the Vodafone Smart is a new smartphone concept. It takes the higher end mobile internet experience and packages it for the mass market, its range of covers and accessories making it a fun fashion statement."

The phone will have the Android Market, Gmail, Google Maps and Google Talk built-in as well as being loaded up with links to Facebook, Twitter and Vodafone's Prepay Manager top-ups service. Obviously, Vodafone want something out of this cheapo deal and as such, Vodafone Music will also be promoted on the handset and 'a shortlist of leading Android Market apps and other services' chosen by Vodafone's local teams, according to ME.

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  • The B.
    Vodafone Smart? Oxymoron alert surely?
  • TopHatted
    I can't imagine HTC, with their entry level Smart handset (sold as PAYG by O2, probably others) will be too pleased at this. I smell a lawsuit.
  • having t.
    90€ smartphone? Have they not heard of the mighty ORANGE SAN FRANCISCO.
  • Sawyer
    Don't Vodafone already use ZTE phones for their own-branded range? So it might not be too different from a San Fran then...

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