Smart Fork tells you what you're eating, in case you didn't know

Have you heard of the HAPIfork? If not, it is a piece of 'smart cutlery' which is going on sale, and will monitor how much you eat, because you obviously can't be trusted to look beneath your nose and see what you're shovelling in there.

This device uses electronic sensors to monitor how much (and how fast) food you throw into your gaping hole and, if you're eating too quickly, the fork vibrates in a bid to slow you down (although, a small electric shock may have been better).

The Hapilabs fork also wirelessly sends details of your vile eating habits to an app on your phone. It'll probably send an automated tweet on your behalf telling everyone just how efficiently you can dispose of a cow pie down your neck, making everyone feel nauseated every time they see you.

According to HAPIfork's makers, people only naturally feel full after about 20 minutes of eating, and so, because we're all spoiled and greedy, we wolf our food down quickly, so we can get more in before feeling fuller than a fat man's shoe. The fork aims to slow us down so we can all lose weight.

"Most people eat faster than they should and do not realise that eating too fast ins’t a healthy behaviour, negatively affecting things like digestion and weight control,' said HAPIlabs’ US President Andrew Carton. The smart fork can monitor any food, and warn users if they are eating too quickly."


  • sdutton007
    Alternatively, stop shoveling food down your throat. Simply chew your food properly and savor the taste. It's really not that difficult. If you think you need a fork that does this then you clearly have issues that aren't going to be fixed by a fork! Fork off, HAPIFork!
  • Jeremy
    Does this fork monitor soup?
  • andre
    I eat with my fingers though?
  • Dick
    What if you use it to shovel noodles from a bowl, held just in front of your mouth, without stopping. Like how all Malaysians eat. Can you beat it then?
  • Cheesey
    HAPIfork.... appearing soon on the shelves of Poundland

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