Slowing broadband speeds investigated while BT launches 100mbps service

16 November 2011

broadbandThe speed of broadband in the UK is falling at peak times according to a report. That may sound insultingly obvious, but its the rate at which they're dropping which is a cause for concern. From 7pm to 9pm, it's claimed that by uSwitch who have done 2 million speed tests, that the national average speed of 9.6Mbps is only being reached  at 3am.

Useful for vampires and night-shift perverts then.

Speeds in some cases are dropping from 9.6Mbps to 3.4Mbps, which is not what we're paying for and certainly not what is being claimed by ISPs in their promotional blurb.

BT have criticised uSwitch for the research and won't be happy about these latest findings. In related news, BT have announced their superfast broadband service which claims to match Virgin Media's 100Mbps fibre broadband.

John Petter, managing director of BT's consumer division, says: "We are seeing very encouraging takeup of our fibre-based broadband and we now have more than 300,000 customers. BT Infinity Option 3 matches the top speed currently available in the UK and beats the upload speed offered by Virgin Media's best offering."

This new service is bundled with unlimited evening and weekend calls on BT Infinity Option 3 and will cost you £35.00 per month. It will only be available from a limited number of exchanges initially, according to one report, so well done if you live in Ilford, Forest Hill, Highams Park and Leytonstone in London, Ashford in Middlesex, Chester, York, St. Austell and Exeter.

Of course, this is no use to anyone if you have to use it at 3am to get the best out of your connection.

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  • DJDarren
    All these all singing, all dancing fibre optic services are all very unless, like me, you live just far enough away from your nearest town to receive none of them. As the crow flies, I'm about 2.5 miles from Southampton in a pretty built up area, but according to all the providers I checked with last week, the best I can get is 3mb. And even that's a dubious claim. Hell, we never even got the mythical cable TV out here.
  • klingelton
    so it's not just BT. at peak times now, i've noticed virgin media is slowing to a crawl. around 1am it's fine, but from when i get in, until when i go to bed - it can be sometimes unuseable. not how it used to be Virgin!
  • Mike
    Have to agree with Klingelton, That i have noticed over the last few weeks that Virgin's speeds do seem to have dropped especially in the eveing. As stated by him not there usual service
  • Joe
    @DJDarren: I'm in Portsmouth, about 500m from the phone exchange (but then it's Portsmouth, it's fucking tiddly, everything's 500m away) and the max I can get on my line is 7Mbps. No Virgin Media cable service or BT Infinity. It fucking sucks.
  • Nick T.
    I'm almost a mile from the exchange here in South Leicestershire and my O2 "16Mb" connection (£13 a month) gets a pretty steady 10Mb download, 1Mb upload, and no throttling that I've been able to tell. Contented, all things considered.
  • JD64
    Not sure of my distance from the exchange but can echo Nick T's assessment of O2. Never had any problem or discernible drop in speed at any time in the day. Would never go back to BT as a provider although obviously am using their physical line for the service I currently get.
  • Dick
    I'm on O2 at home (up to 8Mb), and get between 400-450 KBps (so about 3.6Mb max) when downloading at most times of the day. Last sunday evening, this slowed to about 30 KBps.
  • jmaes
    Me and my girlfriend have BT broadband, and its absolutley pathethic, it crawls from page to page, even just loading a homepage is begining to take longer and longer, BT should be shut down, once our contract is up i will never go with these bastards again, they rip you off for monthly charges as well, they are a disgraceful company who dont give a damn about customers once the contract is signed, then they release new broadband and to hell with their current customers if you dont update. our service speed is getting worse ever since the launch of bt's new package, im not joking. i remember my 56k modem 10 years back was faster than this excuse for broadband, more like Nanoband, honestly when i go online and try to load google homepage it takes so long it feels like BT arre trying to squeeze it down a piece of string with cups on either end. the mere mention of the company BT is enough to send me into fits of rage! BT go to HAdes

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