Skype to offer giftcards and tagteam with Virgin app

5 November 2012

Bitterwallet Skype iPhone app bannedIf you are crashingly dull, you might want to buy someone a new Skype prepaid giftcard this Christmas! You'll soon be able to get your hands on some thoroughly un-exciting £10 and £20 cards in shops like Asda, Currys, WHSmiths and Sainsbury's for people you simply don't like enough to warrant the use of your imagination over the holidays.

Katie Walley, head of Cards and Lending at Asda Money, said, "At Asda we are committed to helping our customers save money every day. We see Skype as an ideal way to make communicating more affordable, and the Skype Prepaid Cards will be available in over 200 stores over the coming months."

Now, if you want to save money, just use all those lovely free-services that Skype has or indeed, lie elsewhere. And if you're a Virgin Media customer, you'll be able to use an app called Smartcall, which looks to challenge Skype by allowing subscribers to make free phone calls over WiFi.

Virgin Media say that the Smartcall app will automatically detect whether a free call over WiFi is possible and it will even work abroad. Graeme Oxby, Virgin Media's executive director of mobile and home phone said: "SmartCall will stretch the home telephone cord all the way to wherever you might be, whether in a coffee shop in Cornwall or on a beach in Bali. All you need is a home phone from us, a smartphone and a WiFi connection."

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