Skype for Windows app gets Translator built-in

skype You may have heard about the Skype Translator app, which helps you to talk to people in a foreign language/troll people abroad - well, it will soon be bundled in with the Skype for Windows desktop app. This will happen by the end of this summer, according to Microsoft.

The app launched last year in the standalone service, available exclusively on Windows 8.1 devices. It seems that it has been received well and tested strongly.

If you don't know about the feature, it lets you chat to people who speak a different language to you, be it through voice or text. As for the spoken element, Skype only supports English, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin at the moment, but that will invariably grow in the coming months.

In text form, 50 languages are supported.

This is all an attempt to get more people using the service, and the more words are put into the system, the more it can accurately translate. So if you've got a thick Geordie accent or talk like you have a mouth full of marbles, start using it so the system becomes more sophisticated and useful for everyone.

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