Sky launch set-top box

18 November 2015

sky Sky are looking at taking on Netflix, Apple and Amazon, as they release a new set-top box and "best of the web" streaming service called SkyQ. The broadcaster reckon this is biggest product innovation since the Sky+ box. Big talk.

The service will kick off next year, and will let you watch shows on up to five different screens and, it'll also have five times the amount of storage capacity than their current box. And what's this 'best of the web' nonsense about? Well, you can get YouTube, Vevo, Facebook and stuff from Condé Nast (who are the publishers behind Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair, and Wired).

In addition to all that, this new thing will also have new remote control with a touchpad, which sounds pretty fancy. It'll allow you to swipe and scroll, just like the Apple TV thing and you'll be able save recordings from your set-top box onto a tablet, so you'll be able to watch them anywhere you like.

"Think of Sky Q as something that is beyond a box,” said Stephen van Rooyen, from Sky. "It is an eco-system of products. The important thing is it allows you to consume programmes in and out of the home across more screens than ever before. It is about more than just TV content, we are bringing the best of the web to the big screen."

There's no news on price as yet, you'll be finding that out in early 2016.

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  • Father J.
    Pffffft. Get a Rasbperry Pi, install Navi-X and Sports Demon and watch whatever you please for buggerallmoney. Far better than handing over your heard-earned to a crunt like Murdoch.
  • Jessie J.
    Virgin had V+ boxes ages before sky+. Twats.
  • Budda
    Sky have recently invested in which could be the source for this new skyQ service as it matches the claims. Does this mean NowTV is being sacked off? Would make more sense to add new Sky app channels to the existing hardware out there!

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