Shore up your Macs - a Trojan is after you

MacPro_Hero Mac owners need to keep their eye out for Trojan malware aimed just at them which steals your data. It is delivered via one of those dodgy emails which tells you that you've got an 'undelivered courier item' which you've probably seen.

If you haven't, you receive an email telling you that someone tried to deliver an item to your house and the courier is having difficulty getting it to you. The email gives you a link or attachment which claims to track your parcel and that's when the trouble starts.

These emails have claimed to come from DHL, the Royal Mail and in some instances, fictional companies like TNS24. Canny users will spot the scam a mile off, but they're getting some success and some of the scams are reasonably convincing.

The newest development is that Windows computers and anti-virus programs are detecting the malware and shutting it down. On Macs however, especially those using Safari, you receive Mac malware, delivered in a .zip file. You're then given a dodgy .pdf file which runs software and OS X users have found that on Macs, you're not told that you're running software when you should only be opening a file and that you don't get warned that you're running an app from an unknown developer.

A bot then swipes your data, which is run remotely.

So what to do? Well, for starters, be more vigilant when you're getting emails. Malware for Apple devices is still pretty rare compared to Windows computers, but as attacks are becoming more frequent, you should install some programs that stop threats. There's some free antivirus products for Macs, such as, one by Sophos and another by Comodo. Check them out if you're worried that you'll end up will a Trojan in your system.

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  • Alexis
    "but as attacks are becoming more frequent" Really?

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