Shopping in your slippers will be easy with Google Store Views

Of course you've looked for your own house on Google Maps. Everyone has, including your ex. The bitch. But staring down on your roof got boring, so Google invented Street View so you can stare through your own windows. A-Mazing. And that was cool for a couple of years, too. Now it's time to turn it up a notch. How would you like to Google walk through your own living room?

Well you can't, and that's not Google are doing, so tough. What they are doing, is beginning to experiment with adding the interiors of shops to Street View. A blog reports that a New York store was visited by Google employee, who explained they wanted to photograph the interior for a new service called Google Store Views. Photos were taken every couple of metres through the store, and products were photographed too.

Bitterwallet - Google Store View
Google would neither confirm or deny the fact there was a Google employee stood in the store talking about new Google products. It sounds like a lot of effort for Google to go to for every store (and liable to quickly become out-of-date), so perhaps it'll be a premium advertising service sold to chains of stores? Who knows. We don't.

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  • SmokingMonkey
    Or maybe they were just casing the joint!

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