Shhhhh, Google helps you make friends with black people

Everyone, it seems, is still dribbling over Google's three month-old Superbowl ad, touched by the simple story-telling and heartfelt romance. Google now has a site called Search Stories with other commercials made last year, telling similar tales of real life intersecting popular search-engine consumption. Here's one of them:

The Google search box uses autofill, that common feature where a search box takes a crack at guessing what you're searching for as you begin typing. This is what happens in the ad above - but according to AdFreak, when the user types "making friends" the autofill results seen in the ad are markedly different to those that actually appear online:

Bitterwallet - Google doesn't like making friends with some people

Presumably the results are for when used in the US, since Google UK results look very different. Nice.


  • hmm
    What the fuck? You must be desperate.
  • Mark P.
    I am not sure that this is news.
  • bobblehead
    Err.... Google removes any mention of black people from adverts. That's news you dicks.
  • Jas
    What a joke seriously why is this even in bitterwallet? something tells me you found it so amusing you put it on here which is pathetic.
  • the2ocan
  • -] I do get black people on, but results are further down. Maybe google are downranking it in the hopes people will think it's fake..
  • matt
    Type into google 'why is there' & see what is the first suggestion in the list................. Weird
  • Nobby
    Not that wierd, it is a quote fromLost ...
  • dunfyboy
    Wasn't this on BW a few months back?
  • ru
    Yeah quiet day I guess. Top result for "Making friends with black people" is a book of that name on Amazon, in which, according to the synopsis, the prescient author Nick Adams, helps clueless white people pick their way through the wilderness of misguided intention. "Q: Nick, if black people can use the "N" word as a term of endearment, can I, a white person, do so? A: No. I don't care if you have your hair in cornrows while wearing a Phat Farm t-shirt at an R. Kelly concert. Black people don't get to be president, and white people don't get to use the word nigger. Can we just call it even now?"
  • Mike R.
    So the UK get making friends with rabbits, cats, yourself and hitler. Nice.
  • Monica
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